During the R&D period of MAX PRP Kit, we, MAX PRP KIT as a PRP Manufacturer have examined the structures of all other PRP products and we have consulted to our medical doctors. Due to lack of knowledge and constitution of the other products, we have developed safe, effective, injectable, re-suspension featured and quality product along with our doctors’ qualified experiences.



Detailed Information on Max Prp Kit Contents

PRP Tube

MAX PRP Kit includes 2 MAX PRP Tubes in each kit.

Activation Tube

MAX PRP Kit includes 1 MAX PRP Activation Tube in each kit.


There are 2 injectors in each kit. One of them is 5ml capacity and the other one is 1 ml capacity sterile injectors.


There are 3 needles in each kit. A Long Needle, a 21G Needle and a 30G needle.

Phlebotomy Set

There is a 2 pieces equipment in the kit.

How to use ?

Detailed Information on Using Max Prp Kit

1 - ) Harvesting the Whole Blood into MAX PRP Tube

Each MAX PRP Tube is 10ml volume including 1ml of anticoagulant. Tubes provide easily harvesting of the whole blood as they are vacuumed tubes. Both tubes stop when vacuum is finished. So, you have totally the 18ml of whole blood. After harvesting the whole blood, gently shake both tubes to permeate the anticoagulant into whole blood in the tubes.

2- ) Centrifugation

No special centrifuging device is provided or recommended. The most important subject for centrifuging is to perform 1500 G for 8 minutes according to instructions for use.

3-) Harvesting the PRP

Long needle is attached to 5ml injector and this equipment is put vertically into the tube. The edge of the needle is placed right on the Buffy coat layer and PRP is collected with tornado movement of the needle and injector. 2ml of PRP shall be collected.

4 - ) Activation

This tube is 5ml volume and totally 4 ml PRP collected from MAX PRP Tubes (2ml each as recommended) are placed in this tube. After carrying the PRP into MAX PRP Activation tube, gently shake the tube for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to avoid possible clumped cells. This process supports the homogenization of the cells in the plasma milieu.

Why to choose MAX PRP Kit?

Why You Want to Use Max Prp Kit Detailed Information About You Will Reach Us.

Easy Use

Easy PRP with 4 steps


Higher Concentration

MAX PRP Kit is Manufactured in order to provide you the safe and effective results featured with a re-suspension mechanism in order to achieve the homogenization of platelets in the plasma milieu. Due to correct centrifugation ratio intended by the manufacturer, the concentration of platelets can go up to 1.7 million/microliter.


Low Price, High Quality

You just feel the quality when you see the MAX PRP Kit. This product is prepared and equipped by every detail and manufactured for your safe and effective usage and certified by domestic and international quality certifications. For pricing info, do not hesitate to contact us.




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